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Dr. Walters has experience working with underprivileged communities, and promotes policies for economic empowerment directed to every single American in District 22 including low-income and moderate-income voters.

Dr. Walters message developed as result of his 30 years of experience and his economic research will deliver District 22 to the Republican Party in November.

Dr. Walters believe it is important to promote policies directed to help Americans who continue to struggle in today's improved economic environment: While the Trump Administration policies have significantly improved the United States' economic outlook, there are still steps that must be taken to improve the economic outlook for many Americans. For Americans who have not benefited from the improved economy, we must acknowledge their financial struggles and propose solutions to address their concerns to gain support.  

Promote affordable ownership for low-income and moderate-income communities by providing increased funding for down payment assistance programs: The negative effect of the real estate crash for low-income and moderate-income communities have been much more pronounced. While the other populations have recovered their real estate values, property value in low-income and moderate-income communities continue to be significantly lower than value preceding the real estate crash. Real estate wealth in low-income and moderate-income communities have been transferred from homeowners to wealthy investors as a result of policies developed base on the false conclusion of a real estate which did not exist, that was blamed for the real estate crash.

Create economic opportunities for low-income and moderate-income communities by the full repeal of Dodd-Frank: One Unintended consequences of Dodd-Frank Legislation have been an the exploitation of low-income and moderate-income communities where subprime mortgage lending with interest between 8% and 10%, have been replaced by payday loans, check cashing loans, merchants advance credit card loans and pawn shop loans with APR of 240% or higher in most cases.

Self-employment Tax Credit: Reduce self-employment taxes for small businesses earning less than $100,000

Provide small businesses earning less than $100,000 with easier access to capital by streamlining loan SBA application processes

Close the skills gap by preparing high school graduates for jobs in the globalized economy

End Illegal Immigration: A year and a half before the Trump administration adopted the policy, Dr. Walters called for punishing Mexico with tariffs until Mexico address illegal immigrants at the southern boarded. 

Restore American innovation by restoring America's manufacturing base 

Continue to renegotiate trade deal with China another countries 

Reduce the national debt by addressing the trade deficit gap and promoting pro-growth economic policies

Rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure

Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

Support religious freedom

Support Our Military and Law Enforcement

Committee to Elect Dr. Eddison Walters
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